KEKRI(AJMER) Reg. No. : COOP/2018/AJMER/101073

We are a registered NGO under the society registration act 1958 Rajasthan. We have a team working since 2014 as an independent organization. SVATVA foundation works on the motto of Let’s have a change, to make the change. We realized the point where the change is needed; we came up with single foremost observation i. e. change is required in oneself. We make society; society doesn’t make us!

Our Story
It was started with the idea of making change at a very basic level of society. The unit of the society is ‘You’ & ‘me’ leading to ‘we‘, forming a group of Influencers. This unit of society must be reliable & responsible in all terms.
The whole story was started with a group of teenagers, among those, one was having the passion to make the change at the unit level of society. We all wanted that change but no one had tried to take a big step. Our founder Keshav Kumar Meghwanshi and co-founders Akansha Mathur, Tanu Priya, started discussing to make a change in society.

From the pieces of small papers, in between the lecture breaks, from central lawn to cafeteria, from science block to admin block, SVATVA was founded at Lecture theatre 15 (LT-15) in the science block of their Alma meter JECRC UNIVERSITY JAIPUR (JU). That’s why our official mail id has JU in it. Initially, it was like warm-blooded, some passionate teenagers trying to show that we need to change at our level. None of us were experienced in any field of social work etc. We had that ignition and we make it on the ground.

From an idea to the working organization, it took more than a year. We got our first breakthrough on 26th January 2015, when we got permission to present a skit “Aawaz uthao” ( ) at World Trade Park, Jaipur. Under the mentorship of Dr. Seema Bhadhauria, Dr. Mona Arora and loving seniors Rinisha Peter, Sarita Sirsam, Fiza Khan, Reema Hasan, Shashi Saini we became an active independent group of students.

Gradually we started organizing seminars at various schools. After 4-5 years of rigorous challenges and journey, we were finally got registered on April 3 rd 2019 under the SOCIETY REGISTRATION ACT 1958, RAJASTHAN.
We celebrate our anniversary on November 22nd of every year as it was the day when we did our first activity as an organization.

We are thankful to our parents who were with us even at that time when teenagers were allowed to focus on their career goals rather than social work. We are also thankful to all supporters & peers. Our name was given by Mr. Sohan Lal (Chief Reservation Supervisor, Indian Railways) father of our all-time supporter Nutan Sohan.

Thank you all and Join us to make a better society. Be part of the revolution.