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Rules and Regulations for New members:

1. Admission and Subscription for membership: The Governing Body may admit any Indian 18 years or more as an Annual Member who deposits the below-mentioned amount (unless otherwise revised by the Governing Body) to the Society and agrees to abide by the rules of the Society.
· Subscription Rs.600 for six months.
Membership shall be for the 6 months and may be renewed for the next six month by paying Rs.600/- within 10 days from membership end date.
2. Right and privileges of membership:
· Member of the society shall be entitled to participate in any meetings, or in any cultural/educational functions and other gatherings, called/arranged by the Society.
· Any other right that may be added to the list from time to time by the Governing Body.
3. Termination of Membership:
· Membership of any member of the society who works against the interests, objectives, and reputation of the society will be ceased. The governing body shall have full power to take such a decision.
· A member of the society including a founder member shall cease to be a member of the society if He/ She die, resign, become of unsound mind, become insolvent or are convicted of a criminal offense.
· If He/ She does not attend three consecutive meetings of the Society/Executive Council. However, if he/she submits or sends prior written information to the President or Secretary mentioning the proper reason for his/her absence, his/her membership may be continued.
· If He/ She fails to pay the subscription or dues to the society continuously for three months after the due date.
· A member may resign from the membership of the society any time by a letter addressed to the president or to the Secretary. The Executive Council shall have full powers to accept/reject such resignations. There shall not be the restoration of membership after termination.

General Rules:
1. Members should maintain the decorum of meetings and SVATVA FOUNDATION at PUBLIC PLACES.
2. Members must be very punctual regarding NGO work.
3. Members should have a teamwork spirit.
4. The certificate will only be issued after submitting a valid fee receipt based on your workings of the session for which you have registered us.
Note: Rules would be amended according to the requirement of the society.